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Is telemarketing still effective?

What’s the point of telemarketing in a digital age, when fewer and fewer people answer their telephone? Now less a sales tool than a communications channel with regular customers, telemarketing more than ever emphasizes the human factor. “Would you be interested, sir, in learning about our new product that is adapted to your needs?” This […]


The Importance of the Customer in a Sales Strategy

As a co-founder of PNR, a management consulting company that aims to help organizations better understand the major technological changes to accelerate integrating them into their strategy, Nectarios Economakis places the customer at the heart of everything. Because without customers there is no company and no products. Interview with the one who was the first […]

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Lead Scoring – How to Prioritize your Leads?

Do you have a large volume of prospects? How are they to be prioritized? Which should you reach out to first? Lead scoring gives you the tools to answer these questions. To learn more, we interviewed Alexandre Pelletier, president of Perkuto, a Montreal company that specializes in consulting and establishing marketing strategies. What is lead […]

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Lead Nurturing – What Is It?

More and more companies are using lead nurturing to build a relationship with their potential customer. But what does it consist of? What is its purpose? To get some insight into this practice, we interviewed Alexandre Pelletier, president of Perkuto, a Montreal company that specializes in consulting and establishing marketing strategies. What is lead nurturing? […]

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The Art of Managing Different Types of Customers

Customers as kings, customers in a hurry and undecided customers. Sales consultants face different types of customers every day and each must be managed in a specific way to successfully make a sale. Here are some tips to get you there. “The retail field is very demanding,” says Patricia Lapierre, executive director of Retail Quebec. […]


Home Selling – a Good Plan to Earn a Little Extra Money

Who has not heard of the famous sales meetings for Tupperware products by an aunt who wants to make a little money? Home selling is not new. But what about today with the meteoric growth of sales over the internet? Does this type of selling still have a place? Is it still a good way […]

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5 Tips for Handling a Complaint Well

Every company has to face management of complaints. Of course, having to respond to a dissatisfied customer is not the easiest part of customer service. Yet by applying certain strategies, you will avoid the worst and even succeed in maintaining a good relationship with your customers. To talk to us about it, who could be […]

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What are the Challenges for a Junior Salesperson?

Many people enter the sales field by accident. They therefore often have no experience in the profession.  Others have, as required by most companies, one or two years of experience. These are those called junior salespersons. Facing the customer, there are many challenges. What are they? How are they overcome? To talk to us about […]


Sales Consultant Certification

Since 2010, the Comité sectoriel de main-d’œuvre du commerce de détail has offered a Sales Consultant certification. From product knowledge to visual presentation and procurement, all the skills necessary to offer good customer service are scrutinized. “The sales consultant certification serves both the employee and the employer,” says Patricia Lapierre, Director General of Détail Québec. […]

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Sales Coaching – How to Master the Psychological Aspect of a Sale

The psychological aspect plays an essential role in the sales cycle. But what if the salesperson encounters blockages? That’s where sales coaching comes into play. Reprogramming beliefs, improving control of emotions – there are many techniques to changing a way of thinking and helping to improve. Meeting with Frédéric Lucas, president of Prima Resource and […]


Interview: Motor Vehicle Salesperson

Between Customer Service and Sales Strategy The motor vehicle sales environment has a reputation of being difficult. And yet, while it is true that it’s essential to be a good salesperson to work in the field, it offers great potential for advancement to those who have the will to succeed. Pascal Pépin – who himself […]

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5 Attitudes that Chase Customers Away and How to Avoid Them

In 5 to 10 seconds, a customer knows whether they want to stay at a store or not. According to an Accenture survey conducted in 2017, neglecting customer contact can drive 50% of them away. Certain attitudes by sales consultants send customers away. What are they and how do you correct them? 1. Ignoring the […]

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