Sales advice

Become a sales pro! Develop convincing sales arguments and become an expert with our few tips.

Become an expert at handling price objections

The best way to handle any objection is to anticipate it and, if possible, make sure that it never intrudes into the sales discussion. Once a thought has been expressed by a prospect it becomes harder to eradicate. This is because the prospect has placed himself on record and is unlikely to recede easily from […]

Sales amateur vs. sales professional

I am sure you have heard about salespeople earning $200-300k, a million or even more. Do you think this sales person is better than you are? They are not much different from you; they are not geniuses or impeccable experts in their field. They probably don’t know much more about their products or service than […]

If you live by price, you will die by price

If your prospect does not see the value in your product or service, and if the only difference between you and the competitors is in pricing, you didn’t do a good job as a sales person. The main description of your position inside the company is to create the value, not just to show your […]

Developing convincing sales arguments

Now that you’ve established trust and evaluated your prospect’s needs, the time has come to proceed with the call. Knowing how to guide your prospect, making the right points at the right time, and countering objections—this is the core of the sale. “Presenting your points involves relevantly describing your products, defining their benefits, selecting the […]

Sales optimization training

Throughout your career, it is important to update your skills and knowledge, in sales in particular, because consumption habits are continually changing, as are the products themselves. Training is designed to overcome this. Interview with Roger St-Hilaire, who has 35 years’ experience in training, sales and customer relations. Interview with Roger St-Hilaire, sales trainer How […]

Evaluating your prospects and their needs

Before any sale, you have to evaluate the needs of your future customers or run the risk of not properly meeting their requirements. Prospects may often not know what they want, but know exactly what they do not! You therefore have to start with a diagnosis of your prospect, or potential buyer. Then comes the […] network