Sales Job descriptions

Have a look on the different jobs in the sales and business development industry. Role, evolution, employment opportunities, sales career path... 

Retail salesperson

Abilities and expertise you need to become a retail salesperson The job of retail salespeople is to sell the business’ or store’s merchandise. For technical products, they provide specific information and explain the conditions of use. They propose the right product to meet customer needs. At closing time, salespeople take inventory and order products that […]

Sales manager

Sales managers organize sales and manage sales teams for the company or store in which they work. Sales managers work in a wide variety of sectors including manufacturing, mass distribution, finance, technology and services, and many more. They are in charge of the performance of sales teams, by making sure that sales targets are reached. […]

Regional sales manager

Regional sales managers have the strategic function of developing sales in a given geographic area (or sales territory). To build business, they forge special relationships with their company’s customers. They may establish strategic partnerships and are always seeking to build the loyalty of major customer accounts. Regional sales managers are the contact people for the […]

Sales representative

Sales representatives work in the sales department of all kinds of companies, and report to sales managers. They assist in the implementation of the marketing plan and in sales development. Their main role is to promote products or services and to grow customer portfolios (e.g. retailers, wholesalers) for their employer. Sales reps are generally assigned […] network