Applying in sales

Resumés templates, cover letters and useful tips to prepare hiring interviews, and convince the recruiters.

Sales manager cover letter template

Writing a cover letter can be a delicate exercise, but it can sometimes make a difference. Here is an example of a cover letter for a sales manager job, that you can use to inspire yourself and that you can easily adapt to your experience.

Sales representative résume template

This is a sales representative résume template, to help you to present your sales abilities and how you participated in growing customer porfolios in your past experience. 

Sales manager resume template

You can take inspiration from this sales manager CV template and customize it according to the sector in which you work. Your sales manager resume must reflect your managerial qualities and show how you have motivated and mentored your teams to achieve sales goals.

Résume template: sales manager

Here is a template of a sales manager resume. See and learn how to present your sales experience, how the team you have supervised and yourself have reach sales objectives, etc…

A good sales CV

Providing an overview of yourself in just a few pages is not an easy task! As in all sectors, recruiters like to see clear, easy to read and convincing CVs. But in sales positions, more particularly, you have to be specific, providing relevant numbers and demonstrating your persuasion skills. Good salespeople are above all able […]

A cover letter that  sells you!

The cover letter accompanies your CV, and allows you to present yourself to the recruiter in a more personal way. It is absolutely essential. Since it’s your first contact with the company, seize the opportunity to convince your contact. You may, however, choose to incorporate it directly in the body of your message, if sending […]

A sales recruiter’s point of view

An experienced sales professional with more than 10 years’ experience,  Sylvie Faria has spent the past few years as a sales recruiter, for both a specialized firm and as a self-employed worker. She is thoroughly familiar with the various types of sales jobs  and knows how to identify employers’ needs and criteria. She reveals the […] network