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How to Bounce Back After a No from a Client?

Has a prospect just told you No? So what! All seasoned sellers will tell you that the sale begins when the prospect says No. It is rare to get a Yes from a prospect at the first try. To convince him, it is usually necessary to follow-up. Three, five, sometimes ten times. Obviously, your motivation […]

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How to Manage Cultural Differences With Foreign Customers

Are some of your customers in China or India? Tomorrow will you be receiving future partners who come from another country? How should you approach a meeting, negotiations or signing contracts? How should cultural differences be managed to avoid offending your counterpart? Here are some tips on how to manage cultural differences with foreign customers. […]

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Lights on Selling in the Luxury Industry

Selling in the luxury industry is one of the only sectors that does not experience crises. The figures are not declining and all reports reflect prospects of growth. Coco Chanel, Louis Cartier, Albert Lancel were not merely innovative creators. The brands that they created have survived them because they were also pioneers in marketing. The […]

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Do you have to be an extrovert to be a good sales representative?

It is often thought that an extrovert makes a better sales representative by his ease in communicating, self-confidence and persuasive ability. But is this really the case or is it just conventional wisdom? Having the gift of the gab, being communicative and energetic are often the qualities that come to mind when we think of […]

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Aggressiveness in Sales for Closing a Deal

For some salespeople, selling is like… going to war. The customer is an adversary that must be beaten to close the sale, even if it means being aggressive. But what is the best approach to take? Is aggressiveness in sales really a good thing for closing a deal? To get what they want, some salespeople can […]

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How to Succeed With Door-to-Door Selling

Door-to-door selling is well known to be the most difficult marketing activity. So it’s not surprising that it has lost its shine in recent times. Yet this prospecting technique is coming back in force. It has many benefits and can be very profitable, provided certain strategies are mastered. Door-to-door selling does not require any files, […]

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How to Optimize Your Customer Follow-Up ?

How to optimize your customer follow-up? Following up with a prospect is always a delicate operation. Fear of appearing oppressive, of getting another rejection or of not knowing what to say when getting back in contact – there are many reasons for procrastinating with this task. Yet studies show that 80% of sales come after […]

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7 Key Strategies for Better Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is just as important as finding new clients. It’s through these customers that your sales level can be maintained. You will look to the future more serenely. But how do you establish a sustainable relationship with your customers? What are the winning strategies? Customer loyalty means: A savings in costs (finding a new […]


The benefits of e-commerce

Online selling is unavoidable today for businesses of all sizes. But what are its benefits? What are the strategies to adopt to increase sales? To answer these questions, we interviewed Michael Bliah, president and co-founder of Le Site. This Montreal company that specializes in developing online e-commerce websites, has just won the Best B2B User […]

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The qualities needed to be a good real estate agent

So you want to become a real estate broker? To find out if you have the right profile, read what Roseline Pierre-Louis, a real estate broker with Groupe Larivière, told is when we asked her what, in her opinion, are the main qualities needed to be a good real estate agent. Enjoying human contact First […]


The best techniques to close a sale

Have you convinced your client of the benefits of your product or service with a compelling argument? It’s time to close the sale. So that your efforts don’t come to nothing, there are certain techniques required. Béatrice Javaudin, president of Clientis, a company specializing in business development, shared her best tips with us. What are […] network