A cover letter that  sells you!

The cover letter accompanies your CV, and allows you to present yourself to the recruiter in a more personal way. It is absolutely essential. Since it’s your first contact with the company, seize the opportunity to convince your contact. You may, however, choose to incorporate it directly in the body of your message, if sending an e-mail. 

A specific cover letter

Insofar as possible, send your letter to a specific person. If the ad does not include a name, call the company and ask whom to address.

Don’t forget to specify the job you’re applying for and include your full contact information.

Personalize your cover letter

Don’t have the same cover letter for all employers. In fact, it must specifically correspond to the needs of each recruiter. Show that you know the company and that you have properly understood the responsibilities of the job you’re applying for.

If you are making an unsolicited application, tailor your service offer to the company’s situation.

In all cases, the cover letter must serve to express:

  • Your ambitions: what appeals to you about this particular job and employer.
  • Your skills: what you have to offer the employer.

Don’t hesitate to use sales-oriented language, because you need  to sell yourself to the recruiters.

Don’t overdo it!

Be careful not to be too long-winded or pompous. Don’t flatter outrageously and stay clear and specific. Your letter should be no longer than one page. Choose your words carefully and be compelling in your formulation.

The following are two examples of sales cover letters:

Example 1

March 26, 2017

Director of Human Resources
Company ABC
2007 Brown St.
Suite 111
Winnipeg, Manitoba H1G 1K1

Re: Response to ad for export zone manager

Dear Mr. YYY:

I have a great deal of international experience, and sales runs in my blood. I have three international diplomas, and have had the opportunity to live and work in two Asian and one European country.

Your ad for export zone manager, posted on salesrep.ca, captured my attention because I have been interested in your company for many years now; your philosophy and values match mine.

With six years’ of sales experience abroad, I reached sales of one million euros in the sale of services to a portfolio of 200 clients for the Asian subsidiary of a large Canadian textile company. For six years at AAA and BBB, I was involved in all parts of the sales cycle: prospection, qualification of needs and proposal of tailored solutions. I was also in charge of operations marketing for the distribution sector.

I am fluent in three languages, and am known for my ability to adapt and my openness.

I am now seeking new professional challenges in Canada with a strong international component. I hope to be able to accomplish this with your company.

I have enclosed my curriculum vitae, which describes my experiences. I am available to meet with you to explain why I think I would be a good fit for your company. Please not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Yours truly,


Example 2

March 26, 2011

Director of Human Resources
Company XYZ
8744 Main St.
Suite 789
Halifax, Nova Scotia H1L 4F7

Re: Offer of services as sales manager

Dear Mr. XXX:

If you are seeking someone who brings added value and is operational right away, I would like to make my sales management expertise available to you.

I am seeking a company in which tackling daily sales challenges is a tangible reality, to give my sales career a fresh impetus.

I have eight years of sales experience, and in my last job, sold for one million euros of services to a customers in a variety of sectors. I also increased sales by 20% in this job, and, further to this success, participated in opening a new branch in Quebec. I am therefore very familiar with the area you serve, which is where I worked these past two years.

I am very motivated by your company and product line, and am certain that you could greatly benefit from my services.

I hope that you will find this challenge as appealing as I do. I am available to meet with you to explain why I want to work for you in person.

Yours truly,


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