The qualities needed to be a good real estate agent

So you want to become a real estate broker? To find out if you have the right profile, read what Roseline Pierre-Louis, a real estate broker with Groupe Larivière, told is when we asked her what, in her opinion, are the main qualities needed to be a good real estate agent.

Enjoying human contact

First of all, one of the qualities needed to be a good real estate agent, is to be at ease communicating. A real estate agent spends their time meeting people, who have all sorts of personalities. He must have human and relational qualities and practise active listening. In this way he will understand his client’s needs and problems and be able to respond well.


Then, it is essential to be patient, because this profession is filled with the unexpected and a day never goes as planned. A detail that could have been taken care of in one hour can need three times as much time, for various reasons. So it’s necessary to know how to adapt and not get upset. Also, a lot of time is spent on the road, so it’s essential to be patient behind the wheel!


Being energetic is also essential to be a good real estate broker. Any real estate agent must follow continuous education if he wants to offer good services. He must be aware of market trends, computer tools, tax exemptions, new amendments and legislation related to real estate. Some people choose this profession thinking that they will work part time and spend their time visiting homes or arranging visits. But this is not the reality! It demands more than full time. It is also necessary to prospect for clients, do telemarketing, deepen knowledge by regularly reading up on the field, take additional training, adjust strategy, etc.


It is essential to be honest when you are a real estate agent, both with the buyer and the seller. Transparency and clarity with regards to the selling or buying strategy adopted will make for good relations with the client throughout the transaction. If the work has been done well, this relationship will last over time and the client will come back to do business with you again or recommend you to those around him, which is important, because this business works a lot by word of mouth.

The attitude to avoid

You must avoid appearing to know too much. A good real estate agent must remain humble before his client and get at the same level to be able to understand him and explain the steps to take in simple words.

In conclusion: love your job!

If you are not ready to put yourself 100% into it, don’t become a real estate agent! This business is extremely demanding and often requires working 12 hours a day. It also presents a lot of pitfalls and competition is fierce. So it’s necessary to be passionate about what you do to devote yourself to it and carry it out for many years.

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