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Metrolinx is a transportation agency in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area in Ontario. It was created in 2006 by the Government of Ontario to improve transportation infrastructure and services in the region. The agency is responsible for planning, building, and operating transportation systems, including public transit, highways, and commuter rail services.

Metrolinx's main goal is to improve transportation options and reduce congestion. To achieve this, the agency has developed a long-term transportation plan, called "The Big Move," which outlines a vision for a modern, integrated transportation system that includes public transit, walking, cycling, and other modes of transportation.

The agency operates several public transit services, including GO Transit, a commuter rail service that serves the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and the Union Pearson Express, a train that connects Toronto's Union Station with Toronto Pearson International Airport. Metrolinx is also responsible for the Presto fare card system, which allows riders to pay for transit fares across multiple transit agencies in the region with one card.

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