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The Pros and Cons of Career Leapfrogging

15 June 2016 | by Sandra Mathieu |

Is the list of employers in your CV getting longer? How do these frequent job changes affect a recruiter’s perceptions of you? What impact will they have on your career? Mylène Beaudoin, job search and recruiting professional, talks to us about career leap-frogging.

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Five Things to Know about the Company You Are Applying At

13 May 2016 | by Anne-Hélène Dupont | Tools for a good job search

A recruiter asks what you know about the company, you have done some brief research, but can only deliver general points. Here is what you should know to impress your future employer. 

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Five Dangerous Acts at Work

30 March 2016 | by Anne-Hélène Dupont | Life at work

Every day, seemingly harmless acts transpose themselves into our work environment endangering our jobs. Here are five of these acts. 

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Six Simple Tricks to Find New Clients

7 March 2016 | by Nathalie Pinault | Boost your Career

Prospecting and winning over clients can sometimes be challenging especially if your business is relatively unknown. You should, for example, find the right person to join your business

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